It's Only Love Karaoke Bryan Adams

Karaoke-nummer It's Only Love Bryan Adams feat. Tina Turner

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Tekst van It's Only Love

When the feelin' is ended there ain't no use pretendin'
Don't ya worry for it's only love
When your world has been shattered
Ain't nothin' else matters it ain't over for it's only love
And that's all yeah
Yeah if your heart has been broken
Hard words have been spoken it ain't easy but it's only love
And if your life ain't worth livin'
And you're ready to give in
Just remember that it's only love love
Only love
Only love
You can live
You can live without the aggravation without the aggravation
Ya gotta wanna win
Ya gotta wanna win
You keep lookin' back
You keep lookin' back in desperation in desperation
Over and over
Over and over and over again and over again
Yeah yeah
It's only love baby only love oh yeah
Ooh baby baby it's only love love love love love love
When your world is shattered
When your world is shattered ain't nothin' else matters ain't nothin' else matters
It ain't over
It ain't over it's only love it's only love
If your life ain't worth livin'
If your life ain't worth livin' and you're ready
To give in just remember
That it's only love
That it's only love yeah yeah that's all
Only love
Yeah yeah
Hoo hoo hoo
Yeah it ain't easy baby
But it's only love
But it's only love and that's all

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