You Rock My World Karaoke Michael Jackson

Karaoke-nummer You Rock My World Michael Jackson

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Tekst van You Rock My World

That girl I like this uh oh uh uh uh
My life will never be the same
'Cos girl you
Came and changed the way I walk the way I talk
I cannot explain things I feel for you
Girl you know it's true stay with me fulfill my dreams
And I'll be all you'll need girl uh uh all my life
Like I uh see and I finally found come on girl
You rocked my world
You rocked my world girl come mon girl
In time I knew that love a would bring
This happiness to me
I tried to keep my sanity
I waited patiently girl you know it seems
My life is full complete our love is true ah because of you ah
Keep doing what you do oh oh
Searched for all my life
Who oh oh oh oh who oh oh girl girl
You rocked my world
Oh oh oh oh
You rocked my world
Girl I know that this is love
I felt the magic's all in the air
And girl I'll never get enough that's why I always have to have you here hoo
You rocked my world look what you did to me baby yeah yeah
You ah you rocked my world you know you did baby
'Cos you rocked my world hoo hoo
You rocked my world the way you talk to me
The way you're loving me the way you've give it to me
Give it to me yeah yeah yeah yeah woah
You rocked my world you rocked my world
You rocked my world come on girl come on girl
Baby baby baby you and me you me ooh
Rocked my world you rocked my world
You rocked my world woah yeah yeah

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