Medley Karaoke The Four Tops

Karaoke-nummer Medley (Live) The Four Tops

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Tekst van Medley

When you feel that you can't go on
Because all of your hope is gone
And your life is filled with much confusion
Happiness just an illusion
And your world around is crumbling down, darlin'
For me reach out for me, ooh yeah
Oh, I'll
When you feel lost and about to give up
'Cos your life is just ain't good enough
And your feel the world has grown cold
And your drifting out all on your own
And you need a hand to hold, darlin'
Reach out for me reach out for me, ah, oh
To give you all the love you need
Oh, I'll, you can always depend on me
I know you wanna get down get on down to the morning town, sound baby
Standing in the shadows of love
I'm getting ready for the heartaches to come
Standing in the shadows of love
I'm getting ready for the heartaches to come
I wanna run but there's nowhere to go
'Cos heartaches will follow me I know
Without the love without love, without need
It's the beginning of the end of me
Now you've taken away my reasons for living
When you pushed aside all this love I've been giving wait a minute
Didn't I treat you right?
Now baby didn't I?
Oh, didn't I?
Waiting such a long time
You'd almost standing, yeah standing in the shadows of love no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no

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