Sanctuary Karaoke J. Geils Band

Karaoke-nummer Sanctuary J. Geils Band

Op dezelfde toonhoogte als het origineel: Em

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Tekst van Sanctuary

Times are tough frustration need relief medication
Gone to far intoxication fight the urge temptation
Miles ago no destination is a real hallucination
Lose the dream stagnation you feel so lost desperation
Sanctuary sanctuary sanctuary sanctuary
It's much too close contamination love and pain deviation
Just suck it all ejaculation it's much to late damnation
Sanctuary sanctuary, ah sanctuary, ah, sanctuary
When I was young my mother told me
She said son someday everything's gonna be alright
There's no escape there's no salvation it's much to dark for revelation
Sanctuary sanctuary sanctuary sanctuary
Sanctuary, ah, ah, ah, ah sanctuary, ah, ah, ah, ah sanctuary, ah, ah, ah, ah
Sanctuary sanctuary sanctuary sanctuary
Sanctuary sanctuary sanctuary

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