The Loco-Motion Karaoke Little Eva

Karaoke-nummer The Loco-Motion Little Eva

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Tekst van The Loco-Motion

Everybody's doin' the brand new dance now
I know you'll get to like it if you give it a chance now
My little baby sister can do it with me
It's easier than learnin' your A-B-C's
So come on come on do the locomotion with me
You've gotta swing your hips now
Come on baby jump up, jump back
Well I think you've got the nack woah woah
Now that you can do it let's make a chain now
A chugga chugga motion like a railway train now
Do it nice and easy now don't loose control
A little bit of rhythm and a lotta soul
Come on
Come on do the locomotion with me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Move around the floor in a locomotion
Do it holdin' hands if you got the notion
There's never been a dance that's so easy to do
It even makes you happy when you're feelin' blue
So come on
Come on do the locomotion with me
You gotta swing your hips now
That's right
You do it fine
Come on baby
Mmh mmh mmh jump up jump back
You're looking good
Mmh mmh mmh
Jump up
Jump back
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

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