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I saw him shaking his change in a coffee cup
Asked for a dollar but I told the man to give it up
Said he's hungry I dont think that it's true
I bet my dollar he'd just spend it on booze
I turned my back on him and began to walk away
But then I heard a little voice inside me say
What if it's really true what if he's hungry
What if it's not for him does he have a family
Wonder what I'd do if it were me
I wish I could get inside your head
To see what you see when you look at me
'Cos I could have lived your life instead
It was ninety degrees in the Summer heat
She was veiled in black all the way down to her feet
This is America doesn't she know
Somebody take her shopping buy her some clothes
She came up to me I didn't understand a word
I was about to leave then another thought occurred
She must be really lost scared and frustrated
I should try again to see what she's saying
Wonder what I'd do if it were me
Woah, ooh shooh, dooh, dooh inside your head
See what you see
I could have lived your life instead
I wanna see, oh oh, see what you see
And I want to feel oh, feel just what you feel, ah ooh
Oh, walk in your shoes yeah it's time to share
When you look at me
I could have lived your life instead
I want a new point of view
I wanna see ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh what you see in me
Instead, hee yeah, instead

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