You Make Me Wanna Karaoke Usher

Karaoke-nummer You Make Me Wanna Usher

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Tekst van You Make Me Wanna

Ooh yeah ooh, baby
You make me, make me oh, yeah, this is what, yeah
Before anything came between us, you were like my best friend
The one I used to run and talk to
When me and my girl was having problems
You used to say it would be okay
Suggest little nice things
I should do
And when I come home at night and lay my head down
All I seem to think about with you
And how you make me wanna leave, ooh, yeah
Oh, yeah, come along with you make me, you make me
Ooh, yeah
Come on, come one, come one come one, all along with
Now what's bad is your the one that hooked us up
Knowing it should've been you
And what's sad is I love her but I'm falling for you
What should I do? Should I tell my baby bye-bye?
Should I do exactly what I feel inside?
I don't wanna go don't need to stay
But I really need to get it together
Oh, ooh, baby
Say what you do
About yeah you make me, you make me
Ooh baby this is what you do, hey...
At this point the situation's out of control
I never meant to hurt her, but I
I gotta let her go
And if she may not understand it
Why all of this is going on
I tried, I tried to fight it, but the feelings just to strong
Hey, oh oh, you make, make, make me
Ooh, oh babe go babe, good time
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Oh, ooh baby say what you do
Baby, yeah you make me, you make me
Ooh, baby this is what you do
Ooh, you make, you make you make me, you make me
Oh, you make me

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