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How to move the cache folder (advanced)?

When you syncrhonize any song offline, KaraFun saves these files in a folder called cache.

You can move this folder to an external hard drive in order to free up space on your main hard drive. Important: this process should be done only by experienced and knowledgable computer users. We recommend using an external SSD hard drive. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Close KaraFun

2. Open the Terminal application

3. A window will open, type the following commands:

mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.recisio.karafun/CachedKaraoke /Volumes/{NAME_OF_YOUR_DISK}

This step may take some time and depends on the number of files that have already been already synchronized.

4. Type:

ln -s /Volumes/{NAME_OF_YOUR_DISK}/CachedKaraoke ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.recisio.karafun/CachedKaraoke

5. Restart KaraFun

If the process has been followed properly, KaraFun has found your synchronized files and will continue to synchronize them in the new cache folder).

In case of error, uninstall and reinstall KaraFun in order to return to the original configuration (note, this will cause you to lose your synced files.

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